Here you will find the videos I have edited, either collaboratively or individually. I have created these as promotional and program videos. They were both created using Adobe Premier Pro. I have recently been editing and creating several videos as COVID-19 has moved everything online.

If you are interested in any of these works or have any questions, please visit my contact page.


Virtual Programming

This video was collaboratively made. with COVID-19 I had to get creative on how to get the shots I wanted. I sent the chefs a shot list and asked to ensure good audio. They filmed and then shared 25 videos with me online.

I cut and edited the audio and visual then added small captions to make sure it was easy to follow. A coworker created the beginning and end graphics. The video was uploaded to Vimeo and YouTube. I later promoted it on social media and finally posted the video on Facebook, Twitter and IGTV.

WOrld Unity Fair Booths

promotional use

This video was completely filmed, edited and composed by me. I attended the 14-hour World Unity Fair and filmed a lot of B-roll throughout the day. The Office of International Programs asked me for a promotional video of the day to show next year. It is the first time that they have had such a video for the event.

They asked me for several short videos because there are different parts of the day (i.e. booths, food, stage shows). For this particular video it focused on the booths. They asked for a minute long video, however I left time at the end to add an image of the name of the event – they plan to change it in 2021.

Daniela Correa

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