Website Work

Here you will find my works on three websites. I have both created and updated these websites following the wants and needs of the client, such as, maintaining the brand’s image as well as following their goals and objectives.

If you are interested in any of these works, please visit my contact page.

Fort Collins International Center

Fort Collins International Center works as a resource for the international community in Fort Collins, as well as bring exposure to the local community. I was the sole creator for the completely new website for the center. I am also in charge of updating it on a monthly basis to ensure that all the information is correct and recent for the users.

Office of International

The Office of International Programs completely renovated their website. I was in charge of creating all landing pages for the Events and Programs section which included 22 pages.


La Familia Family Center is a support center for hispanic families. I worked with them on a transmedia project and created this mock website for them; because they do their work in English and Spanish I created a separate website in Spanish.

Daniela Correa

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