World Unity Fair Project

The Colorado State University Office of International Programs hosts an annual World Unity Fair which consists of several clubs and organizations that are connected to the international community. There are three parts to the fair; an expo, a bazaar and a talent show. The expo is made up of a “Youth World Tour” and “Food and Cultural Booths”. Each booth gives stamps to every person who attends their booth and that person can later enter a raffle after receiving stamps from every booth. The bazaar is hosted by the Fort Collins International Community where they sell items from all over the world. The day ends with a talent show presenting dances, music and other talents from the participating clubs and organizations.

I was part of the marketing and publicity team for the World Unity Fair and helped to create the below graphics. I created them using Adobe InDesign and Illustrator. We used photos from the 2019 World Unity Fair to advertise and chose a color and font scheme that worked best to highlight the event. We even created a 20-foot banner to be hung on a street with high traffic, however it was not able to be hung after a prior banner broke the banner holder. The event was a success, but did not exceed last years attendance. The team discussed that this was probably due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the unfortunate fear of the international community.

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